Name of Individual
or Business Entity
Life-Assist, Inc. Date Established 10/1/1977
Doing Business As (DBA) Name Life-Assist, Inc. Business Entity Type Corporation
Address 11277 SUNRISE PARK DR Vendor/Supplier Type Wholesaler
City, State RANCHO CORDOVA, California Number of Employees 25 - 50
County, Country Sacramento, United States Website Address
Zip 95742-6528 Date Created 8/16/2016 11:44:27 AM


Name Nelson, Chris Phone (916) 635-3822
Contact Type Primary Phone Ext
Address 11277 SUNRISE PARK DR Fax Ext
City, State RANCHO CORDOVA, CA Fax (800) 290-9794
County, Country Sacramento, US Toll-Free Phone (800) 824-6016
Zip 95742-6528 Toll-Free Phone Ext

Commodity Codes

Commodity CodeCommodity Description
340-4Backfiring and Burning Equipment: Firing Torches, Flame Guns, etc.
340-6Brackets, Clamps and Holders for Fire Fighting Equipment
340-7Breathing Equipment for Firemen, Including Mobile Air Filler Stations
340-8Cabinets and Covers (For Fire Extinguishers, Fire Hose and Racks, Valves, etc.)
340-10Chemicals, Fire Retardant (Used to Make Various Materials Fire Retardant)
340-12Couplings, Fire Hose
340-14Ejectors, Smoke
340-16Fire Alarm Systems, Power Sirens, and Controls
340-15Fire and Medical Alert Systems
340-18Fire Blankets
340-20Fire Detecting Equipment
340-24Fire Escapes and Fire Exit Devices
340-29Fire Extinguisher Systems, Complete, All Types (See Item 28 for Individual Extinguishers)
340-28Fire Extinguishers, Rechargers, and Parts
340-44Fire Finder, Forest
340-32Fire Hose Carts, Dryers, Racks, Reels, Rollers, and Winders, etc.
340-34Fire Protection Clothing (Turnout Coats, Bunker Pants, Hoods, Gloves, etc.) (See 345-56 for Fire Helmets)
340-36Fire Pump, Back Carrying Type
340-41Fire Suppression Foam and Other Suppression Compounds
340-40Fire Suppression Hand Tools: Fire Axe, Fire Rack, Fire Swatter, etc.
340-45Fireman Training and Instructional Aids and Materials
340-38Fire-Stop Equipment, Materials, Accessories and Parts
340-48Flail Trencher
340-49Foam Dispensing Equipment, Compressed Air (For Fires)
340-50Foam Generators, Truck or Trailer Mounted
340-52Fusible Links (For Fire Doors)
340-54Gas Detection/Monitoring Equipment (Firemen)
340-56Hose, Fire, and Fittings, Coupled and Uncoupled (See 340-12 for Couplings)
340-60Hydrants, Fire (Including Accessories and Parts)
340-62Ladders, Fire
340-63Lockers, Turnout Gear
340-64Nozzles and Parts, Fire Hose
340-67Poles and Stanchions
340-70Recycled Fire Protection Equipment and Supplies
340-72Rescue Equipment, Supplies and Accessories Including Rescue Nets, Power Extractors (Jaws of Life), Rope and Life Harnesses, etc.
340-76Smoke Bombs and Candles, Forestry
340-80Smoke Detecting Equipment (Incl. Smoke Alarms)
340-84Sprinkler Heads and Systems
340-86Swivels and Swivel Joints
340-87Training Equipment and Supplies, Fire and Safety
340-88Valves, Fire Hose
340-92Vise, Fire Extinguisher, Pneumatic Belt
340-94Washing Equipment for Face Masks, etc.
340-95Water Clean-up Vacuums
345-4Air Bags, Rescue Lifting Systems
345-5Asbestos Abatement Equipment and Supplies
345-10C.P.R. Equipment and Supplies (See 345-68 For Models)
345-6Chemical Light, Emergency
345-8Clothing and Belts, Safety (Not Automotive)(See 345-79 for Reflective Type)
345-16Detectors and Parts, Dust, Gas, Voltage
345-18Emergency Showers and Wash Stations
345-21Extraction Equipment for the Removal of Exhaust Gases and Other Vapors from Buildings (OSHA)
345-22Fall Protection Equipment and Accessories (For the Climber's Protection from Falls (See 445-83 for Pole and Tree Climbing Equipment)
345-24Fireproof Curtains
345-40First Aid and Safety Teaching Equipment and Supplies: Charts, Manuals, Posters, Safety Placards, Safety Training Videos, etc.
345-30First Aid Blankets, Stretchers, etc.
345-32First Aid Cabinets, Kits, and Refills
345-48Gloves, Safety: Electrician's, Lineman's, etc. (Including Sleeves)
345-56Hats and Helmets, Safety (Incl. Fire Helmets)
345-64Head, Ear, Eye and Face Protection
345-65Labels, Warning
345-66Lockout and Tagout Safety Kits and Supplies
345-68Manikins and Models, First Aid and Safety Teaching
345-72Masks, Filters, and Parts: Dust and Gas
345-73Personal Distress Warning Devices
345-74Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), (Blood Borne Pathogen Protection), Not Listed Elsewhere
345-78Recycled First Aid and Safety Equipment and Supplies
345-79Reflective Safety Apparel and Accessories (See 345-08 for Non-Reflective Type)
345-80Respiratory Protection Equipment and Parts (Including CPAP Equipment and Parts)
345-84Resuscitators and Parts (Including Portable Rescue Units)
345-86Scissors, First Aid and Paramedic
345-87Shoe Chains (For Icy and Slippery Surfaces)
345-90Vests, Life
345-92Vests, Safety
345-95Wipes for Safety Equipment
345-94Wipes, Decontamination (Personnel, Equipment)
260-2Abrasives: Pumice, etc.
260-4Amalgams and Mercury
260-1Anesthetics, Dental, General
260-7Cabinets, Furniture, Sinks, etc., Dental
260-9Casting, Filling, and Molding Materials: Artificial Stone, Clay, Gypsum Plaster, Investments (Bonded and Solder), Molding Resins, Porcelain, etc.
260-11Cements (Cavity Lining, etc.): Glass Ionometer, Polymeric, Zinc Compounds, etc.
260-13Ceramic Items: Jacket Crowns, Porcelain Inlays, Porcelain Teeth, etc.
260-16Chemicals, Cleaners, Lubricants, etc., Dental
260-19Containers, Dispensers, Trays, etc.
260-20Cosmetic Dentistry Equipment and Supplies
260-22Crowns and Teeth, Acrylic
260-24Crowns and Teeth, Plastic
260-23Crowns, Metal
260-26Dental Units and Components: Chairs, Compressed Air and Aspiration Devices, Consoles, Handpieces, etc.
260-29Dies, Forms, Molds, Patterns, etc., Dental
260-31Electrosurgery Units, Dental
260-33Evacuation Equipment and Supplies, Dental
260-36Grinding and Polishing Implements: Burs, Cones, Cups, Discs, Wheels, etc.
260-39Heaters, Ovens, and Water Baths
260-41Implants, Dental, All Types
260-43Impression Materials: Agar, Alginates, Plasters, Zinc Oxide, etc.
260-45Infection Control Equipment and Supplies, Dental
260-46Instruments and Devices (Endodontic, Orthodontic, Periodontal, and General Dental): Arches, Bands, Brackets, Curets, Files, Forceps, Mirrors, Points, Rasps, Reamers, Scalers (Hand), etc.
260-49Lamps and Lights, Dental: Operating, Ultraviolet, etc.
260-51Matrix Materials, Dental
260-52Metallic Supplies: Alloys, Precious Metals, Tubes, Wires, etc.
260-53Miscellaneous Dental Equipment and Supplies (Not Otherwise Classified)
260-54Models, Manikins, and Instructional Aids
260-56Pharmaceuticals, Dental: Anesthetics, Antiseptics, Plaque Disclosing Liquids and Tablets, etc.
260-59Power Tools and Appliances, Dental: Drills, Grinders, Lathes, Vibrators, etc.
260-62Prosthodontic Equipment: Articulators, Casting Units, Frames, Impression Trays, Soldering Units, etc.
260-66Pulp Testers
260-68Recycled Dental Equipment and Supplies
260-69Resins (For Repair and Restoration): Acrylic, Epoxy, etc.
260-70Retraction Materials, Dental
260-72Scalers, Periodontal: Rotary, Sonic, and Ultrasonic
260-76Solders, Fluxes, and Antifluxes
260-79Sterilization Systems, Dental: Autoclaves, etc.
260-82Sundries, Dental: Articulating Paper and Tape, Cotton, Dental Care Kits, Denture Adhesives and Creams, Floss, Gauze Pads, Paper and Plastic Items, Sutures, Tubing, etc.
260-86Syringes and Needles, Dental
260-89Ultrasonic Cleaning Units, Dental Laboratory
260-92Waxes, All Types
260-96X-Ray Equipment, Dental (For Chemicals and Film See Class 898): Film Mounts, Film Processors, Intensifying Screens, X-Ray Machines and Accessories
271-4Administration Sets and IV Additive Accessories
271-8Administration Sets, Special Use: Controlled Flow, Solution Transfer, etc.
271-10Anesthesia Sets, Specialized
271-12Blood Administration Sets
271-14Blood Bank and Blood Transfusion Equipment: Collection Units, Dielectric Sealer, Freezing Bags, Pooling Bags, Transfer Units, etc.
271-16Blood Cell Processing and Storage Solutions
271-18Blood Plasma Extenders: Dextrans, etc.
271-19Blood, Whole; and Blood Fractions (For Transfusions): Plasma, Serum Albumin, etc.
271-21Cell Processing Sets and Supplies
271-24Dextrose Solutions, High Strength (For IV Additive Use)
271-26Dialysis Concentrates and Solutions, Hemo- and Peritoneal
271-28Diets, Complete, Liquid; and Liquid Food Supplements (Oral and Tube Fed)
271-29Diets, Liquid, Thickened, Ready to Serve
271-27Diets, Supplements, Powder
271-30Enteral Administration Systems (For Tube Feeding, etc.)
271-32Extension Sets
271-34Feeding Equipment and Accessories (Other Than Tube Feeding)
271-35Filter Sets and In-Line Filters
271-44Infusion Solutions (For Organ Preservation, Such as Kidneys, etc.)
271-56Irrigation Solutions and Sets
271-41IV Additive Equipment and Supplies: Bands, Caps, Dispensing Syringes, etc.
271-42IV Drop Counters, Flowmeters and Regulators
271-63Mannitol Solutions
271-68Nutritional Product IV Solutions: Amino Acids, Fat Emulsions, Protein Hydrolysate, etc.
271-76Premixed Pharmaceutical Solutions
271-78Recycled Pharmaceutical Sets and Supplies
271-80Respiratory Therapy Solutions and Sets
271-84Sets (For IV Pumps): Peristaltic, Metering, etc.
271-88Specialty and Custom-Made Sets and Equipment (Not Otherwise Itemized)
271-92Specialty Solutions (Not Otherwise Itemized)
271-96Standard IV and Injectable Solutions: Dextrose, Electrolytes, Ringer's, Saline, etc.
269-1Anesthetics, General
269-2Anesthetics, Local
269-3Antagonists, Heavy Metal
269-4Antihistamine Drugs
269-8Anti-infective Agents
269-10Antineoplastic Agents
269-12Autonomic Drugs
269-16Blood Derivatives
269-20Blood Formation and Coagulation
269-24Cardiovascular Drugs
269-28Central Nervous System Agents (Including: Analegsic, Anticonvulsant, Antidepressant, Antihistamine, Antipsychotic and Sedative)
269-36Diagnostic Agents
269-40Electrolytic, Caloric, and Water Balance
269-48Expectorants, Antitussives, and Mucolytic Agents
269-52Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat Preparations
269-56Gastrointestinal Drugs
269-60Gold Compounds
269-64Herbal Drugs
269-68Hormones and Synthetic Substitutes
269-72Miscellaneous Drugs and Pharmaceuticals (Not Otherwise Classified)
269-73Muscle Relaxants, Smooth (Including Respiratory Drugs)
269-75Ointments, Analgesic, Antibiotic
269-78Radioactive Pharmaceuticals
269-79Recycled Drugs and Pharmaceuticals
269-80Serums, Toxoids, and Vaccines
269-84Skin and Mucous Membrane Agents
269-87Therapeutic Agents, Unclassified

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